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Linking Facebook and Google login to your Ingress Account

Connect to Ingress using additional login providers

You can link Google or Facebook to your Ingress account. Once your account is linked, you’ll be able to sign into Ingress using any of the linked login providers.

This feature is especially handy for players who created an account using a non-permanent email address (like a school or work email address). If you’re concerned that you may lose access to your email address in the future, you can link a backup login provider to your account to ensure you’ll never lose access to your progress.


To link a login provider:

  1. In Map View, tap the Main Menu
  2. At the top right, tap Settings
  3. Under the Account section, select Link next to the login provider you would like to connect.
  4. Follow the prompts to link your account. Once your account is linked, you can use that login provider to sign into your Ingress account.

To unlink a login provider:

To disconnect a login provider from your account, select the “Unlink" button next to the login provider you would like to disconnect. After you unlink, you will no longer be able to sign into your account using that login provider. Note that you cannot remove the login provider you used to sign into your current gameplay session.