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Ingress Prime Known Issues


“No account found” or new account created when logging into Prime [RESOLVED]

We’re aware of the issue where some players see a ‘No account found’ error or see a new account created when logging in to Prime. This may occur if your original Ingress account was created using a non-Gmail Google Account and was later converted to a Gmail Account. This affects emails too. Please be assured that your original Ingress account is still intact and has not been reset. We’ll post an update here once this issue is resolved.

Update: This issue has been resolved. You can use your Gmail Account to access your account. If you continue to experience any issues accessing your account, please submit a ticket with the screenshot of the error message. 


Recursion timer resets when the app is in background mode [RESOLVED]

We’re aware of the issue where the Recursion timer resets if you switch to another app. The Recursion feature will be temporarily unavailable until this issue is resolved. Thanks for your patience.

Update: This issue has been resolved and this feature is now available to Level 16 Agents.


'Error Loading Ingress Data' [RESOLVED]

We're working on resolving access issues some players have reported. In the meantime, please try clearing data/cache and logging in to the Scanner again.

Update: This issue has been resolved. If you continue to experience this issue, please submit a ticket with your device information. 


Compass and Player Avatar not calibrated to travelling direction [IN THE WORKS]

We’re aware of the issue where the Player avatar doesn’t follow your direction as you move and are working on a fix.


Missing Compass on Home Screen [IN THE WORKS]

We’re working on adding a Compass to the home screen for better navigation and sense of direction. However, please note that you can toggle between Dynamic and Static compass by navigating to the Settings menu.


“Unknown Agent” deployed Very Rare Shields [INVESTIGATING]

Sometimes the owner of Very Rare Shields might be displayed as “Unknown Agent” instead of the actual Agent codename. We’re currently looking into this issue.

AP earned through Glyph Hack missing [IN THE WORKS]

Currently, Agents might not see the AP earned from a Glyph Hack on their COMM. We’re working on a fix for this issue. Meanwhile, please be assured that the relevant AP has already been added to your account based on the speed and accuracy of your Glyph Hack.

Inventory Management

Unloading items from Capsules counts against the Inventory [IN THE WORKS]

Items stored in Capsules are included in your total inventory count. We’re currently investigating a bug where unloading items from Capsules counts them against your inventory limit twice.


No warning if recycling exceeds XM capacity [IN THE WORKS]

Currently Agents will not receive a warning if the XM they receive while recycling items exceeds their maximum capacity.

Portal Network & Missions

Submitting Portals and Edits [IN THE WORKS]

Portal Submissions are not part of Ingress Prime at this time. Agents level 10 and above will be able to use Scanner [REDACTED] to to submit Portal submissions, edits, photos and invalid Portal reports.

Portal Submissions will be added to Ingress Prime soon. Learn more by checking out our roadmap here.


Scanner freezes while on the Missions medals screen of the Agent Profile [INVESTIGATING]

We’re aware of an issue where the Scanner might become unresponsive or freeze while scrolling through your Mission Medals on the Agent Profile screen.


Hidden Waypoints visible on Missions Listings Screen [IN THE WORKS]

All Mission waypoints including hidden ones can currently be seen while viewing the Missions listings on Ingress Prime. We’re working on fixing this issue.

Intel & COMM

Newly created Links are missing [INVESTIGATING]

Sometimes new Links may disappear once you exit the Link screen on Ingress Prime. Please be assured this is just a display issue and we are currently working on a fix for this. The links can be confirmed on the Intel Map.


Regional Scores & Top Agents are not available in Ingress Prime [IN THE WORKS]

We’re working towards bringing these features to Ingress Prime. Meanwhile, please use the Intel Map to find how your Faction is doing in your Cell.


Tapping Activity Center on Home Screen doesn’t lead to the Activities COMM tab [IN THE WORKS]

Touching the Activity Center on the Home Screen under your Agent codename opens the last visited COMM tab instead of the Activities tab.

Having other issues? Please join the Ingress Prime Feedback sub-reddit to collaborate with your fellow Agents and collectively share or discuss feedback regarding Ingress Prime.