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Portal Edits Guidelines

Help us keep the world of Ingress true to the real word by suggesting improvement and corrections to our Portal database. You can report Portals with inaccurate or poor-quality titles and descriptions. You can also submit new photos for Portals that currently do not have an image as well as additional photos for Portals.

Note: Please note we cannot make title/description edits or accept Photo submissions to historical markers or our sponsor Portals. For historical markers, you can suggest edits at

Please refer to the following guidelines before submitting suggestions to a Portal. Adherence to these guidelines might increase the chance of your suggestions being implemented.


Guidelines for Portal titles and descriptions

  • Titles and descriptions may be submitted in any language.
  • Wherever possible, provide us with the official title. Where there is no official title for the Portal (i.e., fountains and statues without names), we welcome creative titles to distinguish the candidate Portal from other similar Portals
  • For descriptions, please include detailed information that other players might find interesting about the Portal; for example, interesting facts about the art or building, historical significance, etc. You can also use the description to tell why the Portal is unique, historical, or significant.
  • Please do not include real names, codenames, faction, or group names in titles and descriptions.
  • Please do not include HTML and/or URLs in Portal titles and descriptions.
  • Please keep our Terms of Service in mind when providing descriptions.


Guidelines for Location Edits

  • Provide us with the exact location whenever possible; we prefer having Portals right on top of the object.
  • Please avoid suggesting location moves that are Dangerous, or place the Portal in an inaccessible area like a Private Residence or School.


Guidelines for Portal Photos

  • Take a clear photo; the easier it is to see what you’re submitting (i.e., a photo taken during the day at a reasonable distance and that gives an idea for the scale and placement), the easier it can be evaluated.
  • In addition, a low-quality photo (e.g., pitch black/blurry photos or photos taken from a car) are usually not preferred and might be rejected.
  • Avoid submitting photos aren’t yours or contain identifiable people or faces