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Operation Portal Recon

Operation Portal Recon aims at growing the global network of Portals in Ingress and beyond by leveraging the local knowledge of Ingress Agents. Selected Ingress Agents will be able to evaluate Portal submissions for inclusion in our location database. Top-rated Portals are regularly added to Ingress on a rolling basis.


Note: Operation Portal Recon (OPR) is currently available to Agents level 12 and above. Eligible Agents may begin evaluating portals at after successfully completing the training.




In order to gain access to OPR, you will need to complete the training and a quiz. If you fail the test you will have only one chance to retake the quiz 30 days from the date of your first attempt. We recommend you go through the training, guidelines and FAQs before you take the test again.


If you have access to OPR, you can visit this page for frequently asked questions by OPR reviewers.  You can also join the official OPR Community on Google+ to interact with other OPR reviewers.