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Intel Map: Link Planning

The Intel Map link planning tool allows you to plan links and fields and easily identify potential blocking links.

To begin link planning, select a Portal from which you wish to link. In the Portal data pop-up, click on the  button to draw a link originating at that Portal. Your origin Portal will become identified with an orange link targeting indicator.



Click on the desired destination Portal to create a planned link. Before clicking on a destination Portal, you may hover your cursor over a Portal to see the detailed Portal information. This can be helpful when selecting among closely grouped Portals.

Note: You may choose to plan links between any Portals, regardless of faction control or how many resonator slots are filled.


Your link will be displayed as an orange line drawn between the two Portals you selected. Blocking links will be highlighted with a dashed red line, and Portals anchoring those links will also be highlighted in red. Planned links do not detect other planned links as potentially blocking.

There is no limit to the number of planned links you can draw. You may remove a planned link at any time by pressing the X in the center of the link. Remove all planned links by pressing the  button in the top right portion of the map.

Use the  button to get a direct shareable URL to the Intel Map including your planned links. Although there is no limit when planning links, only the forty most recently planned links will be included in this shareable URL.