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Controlling Neutral Portals

Grey Portals are not currently controlled by either Faction. Deploy Resonators on these Portals to claim them for your Faction. You can deploy a maximum of eight Resonators on a neutral Portal.

Try to claim and power up as many of these Portals as possible.

  • Move towards a grey Portal till it’s within your action range.
  • Touch the Portal to open the details view.
  • Select DEPLOY
  • Fill all eight open slots to fully power up the Portal.


Resonators range in levels of increasing power, from one to eight.You can only use Resonators that correspond to your current level or lower. For example, if your Agent Level is 6, you can only deploy L6 and lower Resonators.

You can also upgrade existing resonators on Portals owned by your Faction, by selecting lower level resonators from the DEPLOY screen and replacing them with higher level resonators from your inventory.