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About the Alliance of the Vanguards program

Vanguards are ambassadors for the Ingress brand. Vanguards work with Niantic, Inc. and the Ingress Global Community Manager to create brand awareness, incubate new initiatives, and provide feedback on behalf of the global Ingress community. In addition, Vanguards may at times function as information communicators to global, regional, national or local communities, in an official capacity designated by Niantic, in accordance with its policies and under the guidance of the Global Community Manager. Vanguards are compensated with merchandise and exclusive opportunities for their contributions and involvement.

The Vanguard program currently consists of 24 Agents (12 Agents per faction).

Vanguards relationship with Niantic

At a minimum, Vanguards provide feedback to Niantic on the many facets of Ingress from policy to events and everything in between. They are a sounding board for new ideas and a way to get a different perspective on issues. In addition to providing feedback, some Vanguards may choose to help promote Ingress and amplify messages posted by the Ingress official accounts.

Vanguards are compensated for their contributions with various rewards, ranging from custom bio cards to a trip to San Francisco for the yearly Vanguard summit.

Connecting with Vanguards

Each Vanguard chooses how available they are to connect with Agents in the Ingress community. Some Vanguards may be more open than others to chat in COMM or on Google+. The program does not require Vanguards to maintain any availability to respond to Agent inquiries.

Vanguards are free to offer their own opinions and provide advice just as any Agent can. They are also free to agree or disagree with Niantic and to provide their own opinion on topics. When expressing their own opinions and providing advice derived from their personal experience as Agents, at no time are Vanguards providing this content in any official capacity.

Additionally, in specific, defined instances, as outlined in the first paragraph, while under direction provided by Niantic and the Global Community Managers, Vanguards may disseminate official information to global, regional, national and/or local communities.

Vanguards may or may not have additional tasks to fulfill in this role, and this brief summary of current Vanguard responsibilities is not intended to be comprehensive or complete.

Becoming a Vanguard

At this time, we are not accepting any new applications to become a Vanguard. Should a slot become available, it will be filled based on applications we have already received.

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