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Why did my Current Hacking Streak (Sojourner medal count) stop?

The Sojourner medal tracks the number of consecutive 24 hour periods in which you have Hacked a Portal. To keep your streak going, your next Hack should come within 24 hours of your previous Hack. Check the current count of your Sojourner medal under OPS > Agent > NOW, “Current Hacking Streak.”

Troubleshooting and answers to frequent Sojourner inquiries:

  • If you do NOT have strong connectivity, sometimes Hacks don’t register, so if you get the message “Hack acquired no items,” Hack again just in case. In addition, if you’re not sure, you could also try Glyph Hacking and check the COMM for the confirmation that your Hack did go through. Or be on the safe side - Hack many times a day, and your streak will never be broken!
  • It is not possible to pause your Hacking streak due to life events. Even if you are traveling to a remote area with no Portals or going on vacation, etc., Niantic Ops is not able to manually pause/resume your streak.
  • We have received questions in the past from Agents whose counter has stopped, but they believe they haven’t missed a Hack. In all of these cases, we have found that the Agent did, in fact, break their Sojourner streak by not having a successful Hack, or the Agent experienced the GPS/connectivity issue with their device mentioned above.

So Hack early and often, and please understand that we cannot adjust individual stats for any Agent. Nor can we manually restore your streak after it has been broken.