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Recharge Resonators

Resonators are powered by XM. Resonators start with a full charge, but the XM store is consumed at a rate of approximately 15% per day. Attacks on Resonators by XMPs also reduce their XM charge. Resonators will self-destruct when the XM charge reaches 0. If all Resonators deployed on a Portal go to zero, the Portal will revert to Neutral status.

Resonators can be Recharged using the RECHARGE Resonators action:
1. Choose the Portal when it is in “action range”
2. Touch RECHARGE resonators

Tip: Long press the RECHARGE ALL button to initiate a high XM transfer to the Portal for a quick recharge.

Recharging Resonators consumes XM from your primary store. You can replenish your XM by walking around and collecting more XM, by recycling items from your Inventory, or by using Power Cubes.

Remotely recharge Resonators

Having a Portal Key in your inventory allows you to remotely recharge Resonators attached to that Portal:

  • Touch OPS
  • Under INVENTORY, touch ALL > Portal Keys and find the Portal Key for the Portal you'd like to recharge.
  • Touch the Portal Key, then RECHARGE.

You can recharge all Resonators on the Portal by touching RECHARGE ALL, or select a specific Resonator to recharge it individually.

The efficiency of a remote recharge (the XM cost) depends on your physical distance from the Resonators you're attempting to recharge. The closer you physically get to a Portal and its Resonators, the less XM it will cost to recharge.