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Capture and Upgrade Portals

Capture a Portal

You capture Portals by deploying Resonators on the Portal. Resonators tune and amplify the naturally occurring XM at the Portal site, causing the Portal to grow in power.

  1. Choose the Portal when it is in “action range”.
  2. Touch DEPLOY resonator
  3. Select what level Resonator you want to use, and touch DEPLOY (Note: you can only use Resonators at your Access Level or lower; i.e., if you're Level 2, you can only use Level 1 and Level 2 Resonators).

Higher-level Resonators (they range from L1 to L8) cause the Portal to become even more powerful. Higher-level Portals will yield higher-level objects (Resonators, XMPs, Shields) when hacked. Higher-level Portals can also link to Portals at greater distances.

A single player can only DEPLOY a limited number of Resonators at each level on the same Portal at one time. To build a Portal to its maximum power level, you will need to coordinate with other players:

Resonator level Number of Resonators at this level a single player can deploy on one Portal
Level 1 Resonators 8
Level 2 Resonators 4
Level 3 Resonators 4
Level 4 Resonators 4
Level 5 Resonators 2
Level 6 Resonators 2
Level 7 Resonators 1
Level 8 Resonators 1

Recruit some friends and start building more powerful Portals together.

Upgrade a Portal

You can upgrade Resonators with more powerful ones using the UPGRADE action:

  • Select a Portal and touch DEPLOY Resonator
  • Select the Resonator you wish to upgrade from the rotating carousel
  • Select UPGRADE to replace it with a more powerful (higher Level) one from your inventory