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Suggest photos or report Portal issues

Help us keep Portal quality high by reporting a Portal with a bad title; inaccurate, dangerous or inaccessible location; or a bad description. You can also submit new photos for Portals that currently do not have an image as well as additional photos for Portals.

Note: We cannot accept title or description edits for historical markers. Please direct these edits to

Guidelines for Portal titles and Portal descriptions

  • Launch Ingress and touch a Portal to bring up the details page.
  • Touch the Portal’s photo.

  1. To suggest a photo
    • Touch the camera icon in the lower right to bring up your device’s Camera or Gallery.
    • Once you’ve taken and confirmed your photo or selected one from Gallery, touch SEND to submit your candidate photo for review.
      Your photo will appear cropped in the confirmation view before touching SEND; however, the photo will be sent with the proper aspect ratio and will not be cropped.
  2. To make edits to the title, description or location
    • Touch the EDIT button in the upper right.
    • Enter the correct title or description, or when editing location, touch and drag the map until the marker is in the correct location.
    • Touch SEND to confirm your correction.
  3. To report Portals that don't exist, don't meet criteria, or that are dangerous, inaccessible or on private property
    • Touch the EDIT button in the upper right.
    • Select REPORT INVALID PORTAL, and choose the reason you believe the Portal is invalid.