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The Capsule is a rare container that can be loaded with multiple inventory items, which can be dropped on the ground to bulk transfer items between Agents. The Capsule can be loaded and unloaded multiple times with no degradation to the Capsule container.

Quick tips

  • When a Capsule is in your Inventory, the number of items in the Capsule is counted against the your max capacity of Scanner inventory items. You won’t be able to pick up a Capsule if its contents will cause you to exceed your inventory limit. Also, the Capsule itself counts as one inventory item.
  • If dropped on the ground, the Capsule will disappear after some time. It’s best to coordinate with the intended recipient on the location and timing of the Capsule drop to ensure the Capsule is received.
  • When an inventory item is inside a Capsule, it is in storage and cannot be used. For example, XMPs inside a Capsule can’t be fired and Keys can’t be used to recharge or link Portals.
  • If you recycle a Capsule, you’ll receive XM for the Capsule plus all the items in the Capsule.
  • Capsules are reusable. You can load and unload them as many times as you wish as long as you do not recycle them.

Quantum Capsule

The Quantum Capsule is a special Capsule that pays interest by causing items contained within it to multiply over time. The Quantum Capsule also has all the functionalities of a normal Capsule.

  • The Quantum Capsule will only multiply items when it is in your inventory. Quantum Capsules on the ground will not cause items contained within to multiply.
  • Items created by the Quantum Capsule will appear within the Quantum Capsule itself, so the Quantum Capsule should have free space to receive any items it creates. If your Quantum Capsule is at its item limit, it will not create any new items.
  • Items in your Quantum Capsule count toward your overall inventory limit, so you should also have space in your inventory to receive new items from the Quantum Capsule. If you are at your inventory limit, the Quantum Capsule will not create new items.

To use a Capsule:

From your Scanner, OPS> INVENTORY, and touch the Capsule. From here you may LOAD, UNLOAD, DROP, or RECYCLE the Capsule.

Touch LOAD to fill the Capsule with items from your inventory. A carousel will appear with all the items in your inventory, along with plus and minus buttons to specify the number of each item you'd like to store in the Capsule.

When you use the plus button to increase the quantity of an item, the carousel locks, and the TRANSFER and RESET buttons are enabled. Long press the minus or plus buttons to rapidly select the quantity of an item to be transferred. Next, touch TRANSFER to move the items to the Capsule. Touch RESET to cancel the transfer and dial the quantity of that item back to 0.

When you are ready to transfer the Capsule and its contents to another Agent, touch DROP to release the Capsule at your location.

To pick up a Capsule, touch the Capsule on your Scanner, and touch ACQUIRE.

To transfer items from the Capsule to your inventory, touch UNLOAD from the Capsule menu and follow the same procedure as loading the Capsule.