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Discover and use passcodes

Please note that Passcode redemption is not available on the iOS Scanner; however, iOS Agents can redeem Passcodes on the Intel Map.

Find passcodes

Use the Investigation Board to follow the story behind Ingress and find answers to questions about the Niantic Project, the NIA, XM, Shapers and each of the factions. You may find passcodes hidden in these postings that can give you items (XMPs, Resonators, etc.), XM and Access Points (AP).

Redeem passcodes

From your Scanner:

  • Launch Ingress on your device.
  • Touch OPS.
  • Scroll along the top menu options and find PASSCODE, then touch REDEEM PASSCODE.
  • Enter your passcode at the bottom of the screen, then touch Submit to redeem. Note that passcodes are not case sensitive.

From the Intel Map:

  • In the upper right, click Passcode.
  • Enter your passcode and click SUBMIT.