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Ingress on Android Wear

Use Ingress on your Android Wear device to interact with Portals on the go.

Start Ingress on Android Wear

The following are required to use Ingress on Android Wear:

  • Your watch must be paired with your phone. Learn how to pair your watch with your phone.
  • You must have Google Play Services version 7.5 or above on both your phone and your watch. You can check the version of Google Play Services on your watch under Settings > About > Versions.

Before using Ingress on Android Wear, you must be logged into your Ingress account in the Scanner on your paired phone. If you are not logged into your Ingress account in the Scanner on your paired phone, Ingress on Android Wear will prompt you to open Ingress on your phone, after which you must select your account. Once you have selected your account, you may start Ingress again from your watch. The Scanner does not have to be open on your phone to use Ingress on Android Wear.

There are two ways to start Ingress on your watch. First, wake up your watch face. You may then use one of two methods:

  1. Tap your watch face > say "Ok Google" > say "Start Ingress"
  2. Tap your watch face > scroll down the apps menu > touch the Ingress icon

Interact with Portals

Ingress on Android Wear is displayed as a radar screen with a bird's eye view of the world around you. In the radar view, North is always up. Nearby Portals are small circles that illuminate as the Portal radar passes over them. The color of the circle indicates whether the Portal is currently controlled by the Resistance or the Enlightened, or if it is neutral. Your location is at the center of the watch, and your action range is represented by the orange circle around your location.

Swipe down or up to view different Portals near you. The Portal level and Portal title appear on the top of the radar view, and the Portal photo is the background. The radar blip for the Portal you are currently viewing is highlighted with a pulsing teal circle in the radar view. Depending on your wearable device, the center of your action radius will either show the direction you must travel to reach that Portal, or an arrow that points towards the Portal location and rotates as you move.

When you are within range of a Portal, your action radius will be replaced by a HACK button. Touch this button to hack the Portal. Glyph Hacking is not available for Ingress on Android Wear.

A list of your acquired items will be displayed after you have hacked a Portal. A timer will also be shown over the HACK button, displaying how long it has been since your last hack. Every Portal has a cooldown period after you hack it, and you must wait until this cooldown period has elapsed before you can hack the same Portal again. The length of the cooldown may vary depending on what Mods are installed on the Portal.


Ingress on Android Wear will alert you when there are Portals nearby or within hacking range. If there are no Portals nearby, your watch will vibrate once when one or more Portals become visible on the radar view. When a Portal comes into hacking range, your watch will vibrate twice.

Ingress on Android Wear has a quick wakeup feature that allows you to quickly hack new Portals. With quick wakeup enabled, you are shown the radar view any time your watch screen comes on while Ingress is active. To toggle this setting off or on, navigate to the Ingress stream card, swipe left twice, and touch Settings > Quick wakeup.

Stop Ingress on Android Wear

You can stop Ingress from running on Android Wear by swiping left and touching the Stop action, either from the stream card or from the radar view. For phones running Android 4.1 or higher, you can also expand the sticky notification from your phone and touch Stop. Ingress on Android Wear only runs for 30 minutes per session, after which it will stop with the message "Wear session has expired".

From the "Wear session has expired" stream card, you can restart Ingress on Android Wear by swiping left and touching the Start action, or by using either of the two methods described at the top of this article.


If you see this message, you must sign into an Ingress account from the Scanner on your paired hand-held device. Open the Scanner and select an Ingress account to use.

If you see this message, Ingress on Android Wear is currently unavailable for your version of Ingress.

You may need to wait a few minutes for Ingress to install on your watch.