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Device: Ingress settings

Toggle the settings of your Scanner.

1. Force sync: Touch to sync your Scanner to the latest updates around you and resolve any inconsistencies you may experience while in the field.

2. Sound: Adjust the volume of your Scanner.
3. Location smoothing: Touch to adjust the accuracy of your Scanner (default is Enabled and should be fine for most agents.)

4. Email: Toggle settings for email notifications. Also, unsubscribe or resubscribe to promotions, offers, news, and/or updates from Niantic Labs.
5. Notifications: Toggle settings for alerts that appear in your phone's notification tray.
6. Notification Sounds: Disable audio notifications or select the sound you'd like to use for receiving notifications.

The Ingress Scanner for Android and iOS is available in multiple languages. If your language is supported, your Scanner should automatically select the language based on your device's language setting. You can also manually change the language by tapping OPS > DEVICE > Language.