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Discover and share Ingress Missions

Use the Mission icon to discover Ingress Missions both on the Scanner and via the Intel Map.


Use your Scanner to find great nearby Missions:

  1. Visit OPS > MISSIONS to see a list of top Missions in your area.
  2. From any Portal’s details view, touch MISSIONS to see a list of Missions that originate from that point (i.e., they use that Portal as their first Waypoint).

Intel Map

There are two ways to discover Missions across the globe using the Intel Map:

  1. Select Missions in the bottom righthand corner of the Intel Map to see the top 25 Missions in the current map view (if you’re looking for a specific Mission, keep in mind this will not show you all published Missions in your current map view):

    Click on a Mission in this list to see additional details about that Mission, including a description and a list of Waypoints. Clicking on a Mission will also show a map view highlighting only Waypoints in that Mission. Any Waypoints that are Field Trip cards rather than Ingress Portals will be added to the map as well and will appear in orange .

    Click the back arrow to return to the full Intel Map view.

    Note that if the selected Mission is a hidden Mission, this view will not show specific Waypoints or their objectives. It will only show the total number of overall Waypoints, and only the first Waypoint is highlighted in the map view:

  2. Look for Portals marked with the Mission icon for another way to discover Missions via the Intel Map. Clicking on Missions starting here will surface a list of Missions that originate from this Portal (i.e., Missions that use this Portal as their first Waypoint).


Share Missions you’ve discovered on the Intel Map by clicking all the way through to that Mission’s details, followed by Link in the upper righthand corner. This link will take other Agents directly to the Mission you’ve selected.

Share Missions on the Scanner using the Mission details view; select the share icon to send your favorite Ingress Mission to friends.