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Talk to other players using COMM

Strategize with other Ingress players using the COMM on either the Intel Map or on the bottom righthand corner of your Scanner.

Channels and range

COMM has two channels: posting to All will send your message to agents of both sides, whereas posting to Faction will only be visible to members of your faction.

Both channels have the option to adjust your range. Slide the triangle left and right to see COMM activity locally (within 20km), regionally (within 200km) or globally.

@mention another player

You can direct a message in COMM to another player by using @ followed by a codename. The agent will receive your @mention regardless of his/her Range settings.

You can touch (in your Scanner) or click (on the Intel Map) another player’s codename, and it will auto-populate in the compose box.

When you receive an @mention, your codename and the time will be highlighted in yellow.

If you’re using the Scanner and COMM is collapsed, you’ll also see a yellow tab indicating that you have an unread @mention.