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Create Links & Control Fields

Create a Link

Creating Links between Portals is a key step toward creating Control fields to earn Mind Units and AP. To create a link between two Portals, the following conditions must apply:

  • Both the Origin and Destination Portals of the Link must have all eight Resonators deployed on each portal.
  • Each of the eight Resonators must be above the Critical XM health level.
  • The agent must hold the Portal Key for the Destination Portal in their inventory.
  • The Destination Portal must be within the distance range of the origin Portal, as determined by the overall level of the origin Portal.
  • The link you wish to create must not cross any other link.

To establish the Link:

  • Stand next to the origin Portal.
  • Touch the origin Portal in the Scanner view.
  • Touch the LINK button in the Portal details view.
  • Either:
    • Touch a highlighted Portal in the Scanner view; or
    • Open the carousel of Portal Keys from the side of the Scanner view, and select a particular Portal Key for the destination Portal.

Touch CONFIRM to establish the Link.

Create a Control Field

Link three portals together to form a triangular field, a “Control Field," which captures the underlying population for your faction.