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Mission criteria

Congratulations on being a Mission author. This is a privilege for trusted agents who abide by the Mission Criteria, and excessive rejections or spammy submissions may result in your Mission authoring permissions being suspended.

We review submissions before they are published to ensure Agents have a positive experience with Ingress Missions.

Why was my Mission rejected?

We no longer accept banner or series Missions that contain more than 18 Missions. Please note that if you submit a banner or series longer than 18, even if your individual Missions meet the criteria below, they will not be accepted.

Your Mission will be rejected if it contains:

  • A lack of a clear or helpful description
  • Full or partial codenames/Agent names (e.g., "Mission idea from @neo" or "this is neo's favorite lunch spot," etc.)
  • An image that isn't yours or that you don't have rights to use or that consists of a logo
  • Any text that isn't yours or that you don't have rights to use
  • URLs, email addresses or HTML
  • Clues or passphrases that require contacting a certain person to get the answer
  • Inappropriate text or images (including curse words/obscenity)
  • Text that claims the Mission as “official” or otherwise implies it has special designation or is endorsed by Niantic (e.g., “The Official Ingress London Mission”)
  • Text that reveals information about your identity or another player’s identity, including (but not limited to) real names, phone numbers, addresses, etc.
  • Defamatory text
  • Text that implies the Mission is incomplete/not ready for publish (e.g., “test Mission”)
  • An image with identifiable people or faces
  • Less than six unique Waypoints 
  • Primary intention of trolling, harassment, abuse, attack or ridicule
  • Waypoints with no safe pedestrian access.

Also, please no spam; this includes creating sets of low-quality Missions.

In addition, when creating Missions, please only use and submit materials that you have appropriate rights to use, and avoid creating the impression that your Mission is “official” or sponsored. For example:

  • Use your own images, or images you have determined are in the public domain, or can be used under a license, for your Missions, including Waypoints;
  • Create your own Mission icon; please don’t use logos (for example, of a team or store) for your icon;
  • Mission names shouldn’t suggest sponsorship or affiliation, in part because an entity might like to create a Mission of their own. For example, please don’t submit something like “The Google Mission;” try “A Mission at Google’s Campus” instead.

How can I improve my Mission’s rating?

The thumbs up value for your Mission indicates the percentage of other Agents who rated your Mission positively.

Agents may reach out to you via COMM with suggestions or feedback, and incorporating those suggestions is a great way to increase your rating.

Other tips for creating high-quality Missions:

  • When creating Missions, click on the Live Missions button in the map view to get an idea for other live Missions in the area, and try to create Missions that fill a void, either in terms of the area they cover or the content they have.
  • Popular Missions adhere to a theme; some ideas for possible themes:
    • Missions that allow Agents to explore the city, whether it’s the best food, coolest art, top tourist must-do activities and locations, etc.
    • Missions that cover history or historical figures, like a Mission along the Boston Freedom Trail or a Mission tracing important points in the life of Ralph Waldo Emerson.
    • Pop culture Missions, like tours of movie locations or a local band’s favorite spots to eat, drink and relax around the city.
    • College campus tours.
    • Fitness (e.g., Hacking all Portals along a rigorous hiking trail or running path).
  • Set expectations for your Mission: in the description, include information about how long it may take, the amount of distance it covers, whether it’s best on foot vs. on bicycle, etc.
  • If you use passphrases or create hidden Missions, for added challenge and excitement, consider requiring the Agent to examine the actual Portal to find the answer or their next Waypoint.
  • At this time, keep in mind that Agents cannot go on multiple Missions at the same time, so Missions that are too long or difficult may force Agents to abort halfway through.
  • Enhance your Mission by making sure you include a Mission image and custom descriptions for each Waypoint, which makes the Mission more interesting for your fellow Agents.