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Linking Your Agent Profile to Google Plus


You can link your Google+ profile to your Agent profile to allow other Agents to view your Google+ profile. Linking your G+ profile to Ingress is completely optional and is not required for you to fully enjoy Ingress.

Use caution with this feature. The locations of your game actions are visible to other players. You can unlink your G+ profile at any time in the device settings.

To link your Agent Profile to your G+ profile:

Launch Ingress and touch OPS > DEVICE.

Scroll down to the Link G+ profile section, and touch Link.

You will be brought to the AGENT profile screen where you will need to confirm the linking action before proceeding.

If you have multiple G+ accounts on your phone, you may choose which one to link to your Agent profile. Touch OK after you have selected the account to link.

After you have linked your G+ account to your Agent profile, a G+ icon will appear next to your codename. Touching this icon will bring you to your linked G+ profile. Touching this icon in another Agent’s profile will bring you to that Agent’s G+ profile.

To unlink your G+ account from your Agent profile, touch OPS > DEVICE, navigate to the Link G+ profile section, and touch Unlink.