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Glyph Hacking

Glyph Hacking allows you to obtain more items in a Portal Hack via a mini game. The mini game will show a series of glyphs, which then must be retraced quickly and accurately for maximum reward.

Be patient, start slowly, and have fun. Glyph hacking, like any skill, requires practice to achieve superior timing and precision.

To Manually Initiate Glyph Hacking:

Long press HACK portal while in the Portal menu to initiate the Shaper Glyph sequence.

Watch carefully and memorize the incoming Glyphs sent to your Scanner.

Trace the Glyph sequence before the time runs out to increase your chances of getting a bonus for your Hack.

Your chances of getting bonus items increase as you become faster and more accurate with tracing Glyphs.

If you get bonus items, they will be shown in your Hack results.